“Le microbe n’est rein, c‘est le terrain qui est tout”

French scientist, medical doctor and pharmacist 1816 – 1908

Translation: „The microorganism is of no consequence when one’s constitution is in optimal condition“

Margaret Altmeier
Holistic Nutrition Consultations in Kaiserslautern

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I provide holistic nutrition consultations. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose a few pounds or simply want to feel better and are ready to experiment with a different way of eating. Or maybe you want to strengthen your immune system or take on more responsibility for your health… In all these areas, and more, I am here to support you.

Nutrition is very powerful. It affects us negatively as we can see every day in our society, but also positively and I would love to show you how. This goal can be reached with high quality unprocessed food. The focus of the consultation does not just take your current symptoms into consideration but analyzes your eating patterns in view of your general health. In personalized individually tailored consultations you will receive a detailed nutrition plan that is tasty and easy to prepare, and still reach your personal health goals.

Start today! Call for a non-binding free appointment where you can find out what you can expect from my work.

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