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Continentale Versicherungsverbund
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Coverage area of insurance: Germany

General Terms and Conditions


The cost of the consultations is to be paid in cash or at the EC-Terminal upon the conclusion of each session.

Issuance of Invoices

Invoices will only be issued upon request.


The client must cancel at least 24 hours in advance for appointments that will be missed.  Failure to cancel results in idle blocks of time that were reserved for the client.  Therefore, the client will be billed at the full rate for these times.  The client must present themselves punctually for appointments and any delays will not negatively affect the time schedule to the detriment of following clients.  Delayed appointment starts will not result in an extension at the end of the time originally set nor will there be a make-up consultation.


The client has an obligation to communicate all relevant and important information about their current health situation to the consultant.


No liability is assumed for the cloak-room.


All work will be performed with the greatest diligence, thoroughness and care.  All recommendations are made to the best of the consultant’s knowledge and belief.  No guarantee is assumed for the content of such recommendations.  The success of the consultation is largely outside the control of the consultant and is essentially dependent on the cooperation and “compliance” of the client.  The consultation is intended to be help to self-help.


German law applies.  With the signature of the client on the consultation order for services these General Terms and Conditions are agreed to.

Severance Clause

Should any provision of these General Terms and Conditions be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The parties shall strive to adopt an effective solution which is as close as possible to any such provision, instead of declaring the provision invalid.


My services/recommendations are for the wellbeing of my clients only. It is not a therapy and should not substitute a visit to a physician or naturopath. No medical diagnosis will be performed nor do I promise healing.


Recommendations are tailored for the respective client and are not applicable to other persons. If relevant diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and allergies are present, the client is obliged to communicate these to the consultant so that the individual risks can be taken into consideration during the consultation. In this case, risky recommendations (e.g. consumption of allergens) can be excluded. Consultations take place at the explicit request of the client and represent a recommendation and not an obligation for the customer to act.


If a client does not reveal information on relevant diseases and there are consequential health damages resulting from the correct implementation of my recommendations, I shall be released from any liability. The same applies to health damages caused by non-disclosure of relevant health information even if not known to the client at the time.

Suggestions and recommendations are implemented at the client’s own risk.  If the client is under the care of a physician any change in diet must be made known so that potential changes in medication dosage may be made.