My Consultation Approach

Initial Session:
I feel it is important to get to know my client, and that my client gets to know me, before the actual consultations start.  Therefore, I offer an initial free non-binding session up to 30 minutes long.  I will ask questions about your health situation and explain my procedures.  This is also your opportunity to find out about my work and what you can expect from a consultation.

1st Consultation:
During the first consultation we will complete a questionnaire together thus ensuring that I have all the necessary information for my work.  With you I will investigate you health concerns.  I take into consideration not only your current symptoms but also your general health condition.  Duration:  up to 60 minutes.

2nd Consultation:
During the second consultation I will discuss your personalized nutrition plan together with recommendations for additional holistic lifestyle changes with you.  Duration:  up to 90 minutes.

3rd Consultation:
After about 4 – 6 weeks I will schedule a third consultation with you to check on your progress. At this time any further adjustments can be discussed.  Duration:  up to 30 minutes. Further consultations can be scheduled as required.

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