Nutrition consultations are for everyone who wants to take responsibility for their own health.  As this is not considered therapy, any changes in diet should be discussed with your physician to check if your medication dosage needs to be adjusted. I will help you feel better, have more energy, sleep better, think clearer, feel in better humor, or rarely catch a cold. I will show you how to combat civilization diseases (e.g. heart disease, obesity).

I will guide you along the way.  I will prepare a tailored plan especially for you with tasty, store cupboard ingredients and fresh locally produced fruit and vegetables for meals that are easy to prepare.

My consultations cover the following areas:

  • Weight control
  • Nutrition before and during pregnancy
  • How to boost your metabolism
  • Food intolerances

Here is my Holistic Nutrition Consultations Catalogue for further areas.

Take charge of your own wellbeing. Become a player in your health instead of a spectator.

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